About Casper


We need bold New Servant Leadership with a New Vision and a New Plan!
Politics Done Right!

Hello, my name is Casper Stockham, I’m a golf war veteran, 100% unhyphenated American, I love my State and Country and I am once again running to be the next leader of the Colorado Republican Party.

For the past 10 years I have served the Republican Party as a candidate, campaign manager, campaign worker, precinct worker, Exec Comm board member and a conservative advocate in the community AND I have the battle scars to prove it.

I am also a fighter, uniter, and game changer! If we are going to take back our state it starts with a united GOP in Colorado and going on the offense.

Fighting: I stood with the Patriots all last summer as we pushed back against the government lock downs and Antifa riots.

Uniting: I continually reached out to other candidates, while on the campaign trail, to help and support them.

Game changer: I have been in the communities bringing a conservative message of hope for the past 10 years. I stand for election integrity and security, growing our base, support for all GOP candidates, and support for the constitution.

I am calling on ALL Republicans across the state need to start donating $10.00 a month to their local county organization and $5 a month to the NEW GOP starting NOW. If we want change everyone needs to have some skin in the game.


  • Gulf War veteran honorably served over 14+ years in the US Air Force as a Weapons and Communication Specialist. 10 years of executive level experience as a logistics and communication specialist.
  • 100% un-hyphenated American
  • Business owner, Trainer and HR Consultant
  • 6 SIGMA Change Agent, Financial Services
  • Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host, Community Advocate & Problem Solver
  • Christian Marriage Coach with wife Cheryl
  • Over 20 years of experience in customer Service and business development
  • In the community working for 10 years promoting the GOP and conservative message to non-Republican voters
  • Currently hold the voter record, by a Republican, for most of the Republican races run
  • Worked and supported other Republican candidates while running races
  • NEVER been registered as nor voted for a Democrat
  • The ONLY Game Changer in the Colorado Republican Party Chair race

If we keep voting for the same leadership, we will keep getting the same results!