About Casper


With my Pro-Voice Initiatives I will be YOUR lobbyist in DC while addressing and solving real problems at home!

I’m a Gulf War veteran; I’m a 100% un-hyphenated American! I love my country and I support President Trump with words and deeds. I would love for president Trump to campaign with me in Colorado.

I moved to Colorado in 1989 and in that time, I’ve seen the state move further and further to the left and elect more and more Democrats who are pushing an extreme socialist agenda.

During the last election cycle, despite my warnings, our leaders drove us into a BLUE wall, and we lost the 6th district to a hard-left Democrat who pretended to be a moderate.

So, I’m running for congress to defeat my opponents on a Pro-American and Free-Market platform.

I stand for strong border security, better solutions for the legal immigration process and an end to sanctuary cities.

I believe we need to replace our big-government healthcare system with a free market solution like the plan offered by Rand Paul that even addresses pre-existing conditions.

I’m a free market guy so I will be fighting for fair trade and a crackdown on visa fraud that is enriching Special Interest groups while robbing Coloradoans of manufacturing and new technology jobs.

And, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and support the Ted Cruz plan to go after actual bad guys with guns not law-abiding citizens.

Folks, we can do much better and if I’m elected as the next congressman for CD6, I will show the community what honest servant leadership looks like. We must, we can, and we will do better! It’s a new day!


• Gulf War veteran honorably served over 14 years in the U.S.A.F as a Weapons and Comm. Specialist
• Business owner, Trainer and HR Consultant
• 6 SIGMA Change Agent, Financial Services
• Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host
• Community Advocate & Problem Solver
• Christian Marriage Coach with wife Cheryl


Homelessness – VET Services – J.O.B.S – Federal Term Limits – Housing – Immigration – Sexual Abuse & Trafficking


1) I Promise to be an honest servant leader in Congress.
2) I Promise to locate my congressional office in the CD6 inner city community.
3) I Promise to hire at least 1 “Empowerment Director” from the CD6 inner city community.
4) I Promise to sponsor monthly Empowerment Coalition meetings with CD6 community leaders.
5) I Promise to conduct monthly conference calls with Empowerment Action Team members.
6) I Promise to conduct quarterly open mic CD6 community listening events.
7) I Promise to sponsor 1 congressional intern from the CD6 community each year.
8) I Promise to personally conduct quarterly CD6 inner city community civics workshops.
9) I Promise to sponsor 1 workshop student essay winner and chaperon with a trip to DC.
10) I Promise to support federal term limits.

We Must! We Can! We Will do better!