Casper is running for Congress because he believes in empowering Americans to be able to pursue and achieve their American Dream.

This election is about the promise of America – our challenges and heartbreaks; hopes and dreams.  It’s about our values as Americans and as human beings. Do we want a society that breathes success; or one that cancels everything it even slightly disagrees with?

We are Americans, united by our collective faith in our constitution and laws and the fundamental fairness they represent. We are united by our common values. We must all work together as a society to expand opportunity and to create a future of greater dignity and promise for all of our people.

Law & Order: Safety & Security

Casper spent 14 years of his life protecting our country and way of life.  He believes it is essential that we be able to provide safety and security to our communities.  As anarchists mindlessly tear up our cities, Casper recognizes and honors those who work in good faith toward peace, justice and equality.  He will never turn a blind eye to unjust acts.  And neither will he accept an all-out assault on our community or our liberty.


A quality education is the closest thing to magic in America.  That’s why Casper will fight doggedly to make sure that every child in every neighborhood has a quality education. He doesn’t care if it is a public, private, charter, virtual or a home school.  When a parent has a choice, their kid has a better chance.

One challenge with choice in education is transportation:  How does a parent get his/her child to the school of their choice? Especially single parent families and those lower on the socio-economic scale need financial help to provide transportation for their children to be able to attend the school of their choosing.  Casper believes that with voucher programs, a transportation allowance must be factored in to remove this barrier from being able to truly pursue the highest quality school that’s best for a family’s kids.


Healthcare should be available for all of our citizens. It is not a birthright.  It’s a privilege we ought to be able to offer every citizen. People should have access to good quality healthcare. Any health care plan should ensure that individuals with pre-existing are covered.

Obamacare drove up the cost of health care for millions of Americans. Casper will oppose any plan that further erodes patients’ healthcare options and will fight for lower-cost, free-market solutions like allowing individuals, families, and employers to buy healthcare plans across state lines.


As a military veteran, Casper is dedicated to making sure our nation fulfills its promises to give veterans the healthcare, job opportunities, and the educational support they deserve.

 Abortion (Pro-Choice on the side of life)

Casper is pro-life and supports President Trump’s effort to federally defund Planned Parenthood. He wants to interject LIFE back into the federal abortion discussion, as well as the funding of abortion alternatives, such as  adoption and foster-care.

2nd Amendment

Casper is a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment and will fight any attempt to circumvent it, such as “Red Flag” laws that deny lawful firearm owners the right to due process. He also supports initiatives to go after actual bad guys with guns, not law-abiding citizens. “The 1st community that loses their gun rights typically are the low income communities so I will fight to make sure their 2nd amendment rights are protected.


Casper believes in the need to secure our southern border from illegal immigration and illegal drugs. He stands for strong border security, better solutions for the legal immigration process, and an end to sanctuary cities. He also will fight H1B and other visa abuses that undercut wages for American citizens in the new economy.

President Trump

Casper supports President Trump. He does not always agree with his methods, but he loves Trump’s record and results. Casper thinks the job President Trump is doing for the country is BIG LEAGUE! The growth numbers across the board show he is WINNING for all of us, including the minority communities despite the hateful attacks he faces everyday. Click Here for more Trump accomplishments. Click Here for President Trump’s new Platinum Plan for the Black community.