Casper is 100% pro-life and supports President Trump’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood. He wants to interject LIFE back into the federal abortion discussion, as well as the funding of abortion alternatives, such as  adoption and foster-care.

2nd Amendment

Casper is a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment and will fight any attempt to circumvent it, such as “Red Flag” laws that deny lawful firearm owners the right to due process. He also supports the Ted Cruz plan to go after actual bad guys with guns, not law-abiding citizens.


Casper stands with President Trump on the need to secure our southern border from illegal immigration and illegal drugs. He stands for strong border security, better solutions for the legal immigration process and an end to sanctuary cities. He will also fight H1B and other visa abuses that undercut wages for American citizens in the new economy.


As he himself is a veteran, Casper is dedicated to making sure our nation fulfills its promises to give veterans the healthcare, job opportunities, and educational support they deserve.


Obamacare is a disaster. Casper will oppose any plan that further erodes patients healthcare options and will fight for lower-cost, free-market solutions like allowing individuals, families, and employers to buy healthcare plans across state lines. He supports free market solutions, such as the plan offered by Rand Paul, which even addresses pre-existing conditions.

President Trump

Casper supports President Trump. He does not always agree with his methods, but he loves his record and results. Casper thinks the job President Trump is doing for the country is BIG LEAGUE! The growth numbers across the board show he is WINNING for all of us, including the minority communities, even with the hateful attacks he faces everyday. Click Here for more Trump accomplishments.