Ken Konkel

Please cast your vote for Mr. Casper Stockham as the new Chairman when you meet on Saturday.   I have known Casper for almost 3 three years, and during that time have gotten to know him well.  We have become personal friends along with our spouses.

Casper is a man of integrity, a Gulf War Veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Air Force, business owner, a strong advocate, and doer to promote and improve our Party.

Casper is the only candidate who not only has a plan yet knows what is needed and how to effectively execute his plan to grow our Party to attract the conservative unaffiliated voters as well as Hispanic and Black voters.  We need all three to build our Party and thereby assure electoral success in 2024, defend our liberty, and return our beautiful Rocky Mountain state back to being a “Red and Free State”.  Casper is the man to accomplish these very important goals.

Ken Konkel,

Editor/Administrator of “Shining the Light and Truth on Issues and Candidates”