US Congressional candidate Casper Stockham addresses the nationwide law enforcement challenges with a new Citizens Empowerment Act!

Denver, Colorado: US Congressional candidate Charles (Casper) Stockham announced today his Citizen Empowerment Act to address potential challenges within the nationwide law enforcement system!

Stockham – “The Citizens Empowerment Act (CEA) guarantees all citizens Fair, Equal and Transparent justice under the law and seeks to hold abusive law enforcement individuals and agencies accountable. The CEA enhances our 1st amendment rights in relation to law enforcement encounters.

The CEA allows for easier reporting, follow up, and resolution of law enforcement grievances, by citizens, without the need for large financial legal resources or burdens. This act does not replace the need for good legal counsel through an Attorney or ombudsman at any time during the CEA filing or claim process.

Any US citizen will have the right to file an official grievance on any law enforcement individual or agency that they have a personal encounter with. There is no limit to the number of filings. ALL filings would need to correspond to an official report or incident from that officer or organization within one business week of the incident. These filings must be viewed by an official officer of the local court within one business week of filing and the findings must be made available to the filer and made available through a public database as well.

Stockham says this CEA would not be limited to a state resolution but should go through existing state entities before any federal agency is involved UNLESS the grievance is filed against the top state agency in which case the CEA would be heard by a federal court official who has an office within that state.

StockhamThis Citizens Empowerment Act is the perfect legislation to match President Trumps recent executive order while addressing these issues through a constitutional framework.  – END –

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Steve House and Casper Stockham Announce Change in 6th Congressional District Race

(Thornton, Colorado) Steve House, Republican candidate for United States Congress issued the following joint statement with fellow Republican and CD6 challenger Casper Stockham. Both expressing enthusiasm in Mr. Stockham’s decision to end his candidacy in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District and instead to mount a robust campaign to defeat incumbent Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter from Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

“It is vitally important to the citizens of CD6 that we elect a congressman who will represent our entire community, state and country. In his freshman term, Jason Crow has proven that he is aligned with only with the fringe extreme left and not the majority of Coloradans,” said Congressional candidate Steve House. ” With Casper selflessly leaving the CD6 race, to compete in CD7, our campaign can now focus fully on beating Crow in November and restoring sensible leadership that reflects our values and not those of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Adam Schiff.”

“Ed Perlmutter has been a disaster for Colorado and for the citizens of CD7. Coloradans want and deserve real empowering solutions to skyrocketing healthcare costs, education choice and securing our nation’s weak and dangerous borders,” said Casper Stockham. “Fighting alongside Steve and other party leaders I am confident I can now mount an effective campaign in CD7.” Now is the time to end Perlmutter’s progressive rubber DC stamp that has been taking our country in the wrong direction for more than 13 years!”

Casper Stockham is a Gulf War veteran, serving honorably for more than 14 years in the United States Air Force as a Weapons and Communication Specialist. He has lived in Colorado with his wife Cheryl and their daughter since 1989. Casper shares more about his vision for Colorado at –

“Casper has been a longtime advocate working for education reform and for community empowerment in Colorado – I continue to be proud to call him a friend and will support him as he begins campaigning against the reckless policies of Rep. Perlmutter,” said House. “Casper can now apply his experience in the 7th Congressional District at a time when America needs to fight the threat of socialism and work to continue ‘Making America Great!’ ”

Longtime associates, House and Stockham are encouraged by the opportunity to support each other’s campaigns whenever possible and continue to inspire Colorado’s growing Republican enthusiasm. It’s clear that big wins in the 6th and 7th Congressional Districts will ultimately help all Colorado Republican candidates.

“There is a new conservative wave pouring across Colorado, and the majority are fed up with the overspending, overreaching and over-regulating by the left. The only thing the Democrats seem short on is – accountability,” House said. “I very much look forward to leading the charge and changing that.”

Steve House is a life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur, trained engineer and innovative healthcare expert. He presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for Sixth Congressional District that partners with high-tech companies, wealth managers and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and home ownership.

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