Casper Stockham, for Congressional District 7

Profession: Gulf War Veteran 14 years USAF; business owner, trainer, HR consultant, Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Inner City Youth Trainer and Coach, Christian Marriage Coach

Residence: Aurora but planning to move to CD7

Party: Republican


What makes you the best choice for this office?

I’m running for Congress on a Values-based platform to empower the Family, Finances and the Future of Colorado. My opponent is missing in action and follows his party line. He has little to show for 14 years in Congress. It’s time for a change. I stand for law and order, safety and security, quality education and better solutions for health care. I’m for free markets, fair trade, the 2nd Amendment and initiatives that go after actual bad guys with guns, not law-abiding citizens. This election is about the promise of America – you and me; challenges and heartbreaks; hopes and dreams.

If elected, what would your top issue be?

My top issue will be to ensure that our communities, neighborhoods and cities are safe for our citizens, including justice and equality for all, . Second is quality education. Education is the closest thing to magic that we have in America today. Choice, transportation allowances, and freedom for parents to have a say in what their children are taught.

If elected, what would you want to accomplish in order for you to consider the term a success?

The enactment of my Citizens Empowerment Act, Incorporating a transportation allowance in school voucher programs, and the preservation of freedom of speech not freedom from speech or cancel culture.

With so many bipartisan House bills passed but ignored in the Senate this year, what is the best way for you to be effective in such an environment?

I bring people together. That is my nature and has been the case all my life. The caustic entrenchment and refusal to find common ground is unacceptable. I don’t toe the line when I see something unjust or unfair. Rather I challenge convention and will never be afraid to do that in the U.S. House of Representatives. I also have tremendous working relationships with current Republican House members and current Senate members. Communication and getting of your high horse in the interests of the American people is what I’m about.

The majority of ballots cast for you will be mail-in. What is your view of pushing for more mail-in vote access across the country?

I think that unless voters realize that they need to demand accountability from election commissions about the chain of possession and progression — from the time a vote is mailed or placed in a ballot box to the time it is received and counted — mail-in will not work. Voters also must be responsible for ensuring that their ballots arrive on or before election day. Not 3 days after, not a week after, but ON TIME. We’re adults, we can at least be that responsible.



Letter to the editor: Anti-Antifa

Posted Thursday, October 15, 2020 11:21 am

Antifa seems to be everywhere. It’s sad commentary on the divisiveness in our world today. I believe that the Black community and Black leaders need to publicly call these groups out for what they’re doing to our community!

Over the years antifa has grown in number and reach. Today they are on a very aggressive path of destruction that has been tearing through the northwest U.S. and is now in our own backyard. This past summer, protestors destroyed businesses in downtown Denver by shattering windows, all in the name of Black Lives Matter. This destruction took place while ignoring the call from the mother of Elijah McClain, a Black woman, who personally asked them to stop the violence, looting, and rioting. According to an opinion letter in the Wall Street Journal, “suggesting that Antifa is an undefined, loosely organized group with no strategy takes a line right out of the Susan Rice-Ben Rhodes playbook about Benghazi being caused by a video.”

As the movement enters the mainstream, its sympathizers are escalating the violence from throwing rocks and blocking doors to physical assaults and, for the first time, killing. The rising level of violence from the group marks a sinister evolution from minor street crime to guerrilla tactics usually reserved for revolutionaries.

If we as a people, begin to examine the evidence before us, there is but one conclusion we can draw, and that conclusion:

Antifa is no friend to the black community!

Casper Stockham, 

Greenwood Villag

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