We need to initiate what I’m calling Operation O.U.S.T. Oust stands for Outreach, Unify, Support, Train.


The state party needs to make outreach the main focus NOT and afterthought using the SPARK Plan. Outreach includes voter registration, legal ballot harvesting, recruiting candidates and helping people in need. GOTV should be the icing on the cake NOT the cake.

We need to start massive Community Outreach into non-Republican conservative areas during non-election years to reach unaffiliated voters. We can do this through a nonprofit we are calling COGOP Freedom Corps. We are doing this right now through an organization called Seeds Of Dignity Coalition. Seeds of Dignity – Help is on the way. It’s a new day! (seedsofdignitycoalition.com)


Bring all conservative groups to the table to ensure more unity within the Republican Party. Stop ignoring the base.

We need to ensure Election Integrity and Security so that means transparency throughout the entire voting process. We need to be able to verify everything from voting machines to mail in voting to potential illegal ballet harvesting. AND we need to make sure NO company has a monopoly on our voting process.

The next GOP Chair needs to form an Election (T) Transparency (S) Security & (I) Integrity Taskforce. This taskforce will report to the Chair and Executive Committee.

We need to return the party back to the people and opt out of open primaries.


Make sure ALL counties, candidates, volunteers, and voters are supported. Launch a fundraising campaign to drive money to the counties and local races.

We need to transform the state GOP organization into a 1st class Customer Service organization that supports ALL GOP Counties, Candidates, volunteers, and voters.

ALL Republicans across the state need to start donating $10.00 a month to their local county organization and $5 a month to the NEW GOP starting NOW. If we want change everyone needs to have some skin in the game.

Contributing in small, regular amounts to the CLOSEST county organization possible will 1. Engage constituents in the most LOCAL offices possible. 2. DE-centralizes control of party contributions and gets more money where it’s needed the most.


Train County officers, volunteers, and candidates on all aspects of the political process. We need to Grow the Bench.

We need 1,000’s of training Republican candidates to run for office throughout the state from School Board to Federal offices. We need to train County officers, volunteers, and candidates on all aspects of the political process.

We are doing this right now through an organization called America First Republic. America First Republic

This is NOT the entire plan nor the entire answer to all our problems, but it will get us moving in the right direction. We have been headed in the wrong direction for years and it will take years to dig out of this hole.

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