Bring all conservative groups to the table to ensure they are heard, and we have more unity within the Republican Party. Stop ignoring the base.

Currently the Republican voter registration numbers are down, and we are third in the state of Colorado. The unaffiliated voters are over 40% while the Democrats are in second place with about 28% and the Republicans rank last with about 25%. The Democrats have been successful at marketing and reaching the unaffiliated voters, but the Republicans have not. Some would say the Democratic Blueprint, put out years ago, ushered in the blue wave of Democratic Party control.

Here is a SWOT analysis of where we are right now. There is opportunity but it will require more of a buy-in from rank-and-file Republicans. The days of leaving the fate of our state in the hands of a select few are over. If every Republican donates $10.00 a month to their local county organization and $5 a month to the NEW CRC starting NOW, we could change the game. If we want change everyone needs to have some skin in the game.

We need to ensure Election Integrity and Security so that means transparency throughout the entire voting process. We need to be able to verify everything from voting machines to mail in voting to potential illegal ballet harvesting. AND we need to make sure NO company has a monopoly on our voting process.

The next GOP Chair needs to form an Election (T) Transparency (S) Security & (I) Integrity Taskforce. This taskforce will report to the Chair and Executive Committee.

We need to return the party back to the people and close our primaries to non-Republicans. We do not support the Opt-Out option in our primaries.




With GOD all things are possible