Conservative Values are the R.I.G.H.T Values

Respect || Integrity || God || Honesty || Trust

Do You Believe In…

  • Safety & Security/Law & Order: peace, justice & equality. Safe streets. Secure neighborhoods?
  • Education and your right to choose where your kids go to school and who teaches them?
  • Free and fair market Healthcare of your choice?
  • Economic prosperity and the right to own property, build a business, earn a paycheck – as you see fit?
  • The dignity of work?
  • Limited power of government?
  • Legal immigration?
  • The right to keep and bear arms?
  • America as a force for good?
  • The promise of America?
  • Freedom of speech, not freedom from speech?
  • Kneeling for your God; Standing for our flag?

Chapter 1 in Love S.A.V.E.S Political Parties

Some would ask why would we ever want to save political parties? That’s a fair question with all the discourse we find ourselves in these days.

The answer? We are controlled by both politics and religion. Not only do we need to stay engaged with both, but we also need to inject love into both because our lives and families will be better for it.

Support – Support all candidates after the primary even if you do not like them. They were chosen and voted in by the people in a particular community, city, state, country.

Accountable – Be accountable and transparent to ALL county members, party members and voters.

Value – Add more value to the party to attract new members. Do not stray away from your values but make sure those values are on display and you live by them.


Engage – Identity politics is NOT a bad thing. Reach out to nontraditional groups and share your values with them. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care

Spiritual – Reach out to the local places of worship and share your values with them. Show them you have the best platform to protect their way of life.